Security forces such as the police or firefighters are very used to working with pets, but as technology advances, it has been decided to change these faithful pets for the latest robotics inventions. Every day there is a greater commitment to this type of machine, since in this way, those tasks that imply a very high risk for humans can be carried out with the greatest possible safety.

Specifically, the robot dog that the New York fire department wanted to bet on is Spot, belonging to Boston Dynamics. He is well known for the large number of movements that he can perform such as dancing or jumping, among many others and that with the acquisition of him, it is intended that he help in the most dangerous search and rescue missions.

Each of these automata costs $75,000 and the fire department has purchased two units so far. Before them and also with the help of Boston Dynamics, the New York police acquired some of these dogs last year that were seen in some of the missions, but they were not very successful.

At that first moment, the reaction to using these robots in police operations was seen in a very negative way and the police decided to cancel the contract with the company. Currently, this negative view wants to change through the acquisition of these two copies by New York firefighters.

Unlike those purchased by the police that were blue, these will be yellow to match the uniforms. The dogs, which are mainly used in the most dangerous missions, will also be trained to detect dangerous and radiological materials, toxic gases or even nuclear material.