Bitcoin the currency that will be used by all 

Bitcoin could establish itself as a tool against the blocking of funds for Russia in international markets. At least, this is how Pavel Zavalny, head of the Eurasian giant's Energy Committee, appeared this Thursday, March 24, recognizing that there is the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency for the sale of energy resources, such as gas and oil.

During a press conference this morning, Zavalny mentioned bitcoin (BTC) as a possible exchange currency, in the context of the US and European sanctions against it.

According to various translations of tweeters, Zavalny did not assure that they are directly planning the inclusion of bitcoin among their commercial exchange currencies, but they could consider it the same as currencies of "friendly" countries, such as the Chinese yuan or the Turkish lira, for example. .

For its part, the Bitcoin Magazine medium quoted other words attributed to the member of the Russian government: “There can be a variety of currencies [in the trade of energy resources]. If they want bitcoin, we will trade in bitcoin