ook how low the employment rate in the US

US Labor Statistics calculated that, in December, the unemployment rate in that country fell to 3.9%, a decrease of 0.3 percentage points.

According to the entity, in the last month of the year the number of unemployed people decreased by 483,000, which brought the total to 6.3 million. (See more international news).

However, unemployment in the United States remains above the level prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, since in February 2020 the unemployment rate was 3.5%, corresponding to 5.7 million unemployed.

On the other hand, the bureau said that non-agricultural jobs increased by 199,000 jobs in December, which left the monthly average at 537,000 workers in the sector.

The entity highlighted that the hotel and luxury sector continued to be the leader in job creation in the last month of the year with the creation of 2.6 million jobs throughout 2021 after the increase of 53,000 jobs in December.

"However, employment in the industry is 1.2 million or 7.2% below February 2020," the entity said.

Likewise, it indicated that unemployment for adult men (3.6%), adult women (3.6%) and whites (3.2%) decreased in December, but the rate for young people (10.9%), Hispanics (4.9%), Asians (3.8%) and Blacks (7.1%) showed "little to no change in December."